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Top Eyebrow Serum for a Thicker Eyebrow

Top Eyebrow Serum for a Thicker Eyebrow

Xlash presents the eyebrow serum that is best for you. This miraculous product is legitimate and an alternative for the artificial chemicals that are widely available in the market.

How is Xlash Eyebrow serum better?

Xlash Eyebrow serum is free of chemicals, toxins and carcinogenic substances that show bad side effects after a period of time. This could prove to be an irreversible damage.

This serum is healthy, natural, whole some and gives consistent results with time. This product does not work on creating an illusion of thicker eyebrows, but actually works on the roots and follicles of the eyebrow hair all the way from root to tip.

It not only helps in hair growth but also works on weak and damaged hair to make it thick, luscious and strong. This product is being sold on a global scale and users have nothing but good reviews about our natural products.

What ingredients go into this product?

Biotin: It helps in melanin formation which enhances and improves pigmentation. With the results, you might never have to use an eyebrow pencil again!

Myristol Pentapeptide 17: which is obtained from certain naturally synthesized amino acids helps in stimulating keratin production which in turn aids in hair growth.

Rhodiola Rosea Root: Stimulates the growth of new follicles to replace dead or damaged ones. These have proven to test positive for hair growth. It is also known to activate weak and dormant roots and follicles for a thicker eyebrow.

Easy Maintenance:

This serum need not be used forever. Once you begin using our product, you will begin to notice the difference. Use it on a daily basis for three to six months. Once you have the desired effect on your eyebrow, you may stop using the product on a daily basis.

You may then use it less frequently.

How to use this serum:

It is really simple to use this serum. All you have to do is remove your make up, wash and cleanse the skin thoroughly to make sure that no makeup residue remains. Apply a light coat of this serum over your eyebrow before going to bed. Leave it on all night. Next morning, wash off with water and a mild moisturizing soap and pat dry. You will begin seeing the results as early as after 3 days.


Our customers are really happy with the product and recommend it. They have reported to have got 40 % thicker eyebrow, 20% stronger brows and 20% darker eyebrows.

Our customer bases are growing all over the world. We have our brand available in all leading stores all over the world.

We also offer free shipping to certain areas and localities.

Do not waste time. Hurry to the nearest store and get yours today!

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