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Tips in Applying Lash Serum for A Stunning Look

Tips in Applying Lash Serum for A Stunning Look

To have a stunning look is the dream of many. Especially when you have to attend a party or some event where everyone would come looking their best then you too would want to look your best. But you have some reservations about your looks. It is the eyes that are bothering you.


Are you annoyed with your stubby and short eyelashes?


Then you must be looking for methods to grow them thick and full. People use different methods like applying castor oil to the lashes to help it grow. Yes, castor oil helps hair growth but it may be effective in some individuals but may not work for you. Then you can try olive oil or some other home remedy like lemon peels or aloe Vera but to no avail.


Are you fed up trying different methods of growing them thick and full?


Being fed up with trying different methods is no answer to getting long and thick eyelashes that will make you look stunning. What you need is lash serum. Yes, many people who have used such a serum have seen a positive result. There are many brands available and you must get the best brand that suits your needs and gives desired results.


What is the method of applying the serum?


Yes, now you know that it is the serum that will give you good results in growing your eyelashes. You must learn the best method of applying it too. You need to apply this serum when the eyelash is in a growing phase. The serum will enhance its growth and make it grow long and also thick.


First clean the eye and the face of any dirt, makeup or oil. This way the absorption of the serum becomes easy when it is applied.

You need to use only a small amount of the serum when you apply it. Dip the wand only once and apply it to the eyelids. And always apply it to the upper eyelids only. Be careful to apply it above the eyelashes.

It is not safe to apply anything to the lower eyelid. This may cause some infection or irritation if anything that is applied were ever to enter your eye.


How long will it take for thick eyelash growth?


Most serum makers, on an average opine that the eyelashes will grow thick and full in about 6 to 8 weeks. So keep applying the serum each night. Bear in mind to follow the above tips on how to apply the serum to your eyes.

Many people have tried these kinds of serums for the eyelash growth and are happy with the results. You need to follow the guidelines properly and also have patience if you wish to get desired results.


Wish for good results


Hurrying up and messing with products or using too much of it will not give good results. On the contrary, you may end up with some scanty growth and stubby eyelashes. Then you will blame the product.

The key to getting good results is to abide by the guidelines. Another thing that will bring forth the desired result is your fortitude.

Now nothing can stop you from having good thick eyelashes that have grown to the full length. With such eyelashes, you are sure to have a stunning look and make many heads turn. The party you attend is going to give you a lot of fun. So enjoy!

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