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A party girl’s guide to glitzy, glamorous and thick eyelashes

A party girl’s guide to glitzy, glamorous and thick eyelashes
Elin H

Getting thick and long eyelashes without false extension is like a dream. It may seem too good to be true but it’s possible if you use good growth serums. Eye lash growth serums are packed with healthy ingredients like fatty acids and peptides that can stimulate growth of hair follicles as well as condition and nourish your lashes.

It’s pretty simple to use eye serums and other products. You just have to apply it like you apply mascara. Here’s how you do it.

Steps on how to get glitzy, glamorous and thick eyelashes:

  1. Clean your face, particularly the eye region with a gentle, baby soap.
  2. Pat your face dry with a soft towel.
  3. Brush your lashes using a soft-bristled brush. Regular brushing removes dust particles, dirt and microbes from eyes. Moreover, it improves blood circulation that can stimulate proper hair growth.
  4. Using a soft-bristled, long mascara wand, apply a nourishing hair growth serum on your lashes. Make sure you apply it from the root to the tips, in a semi-circle shape. Don’t grow overboard else you’ll end up damaging your lashes. If you’re searching for a reasonably, healthy serum, you might want to try xLash products.
  5. Baby powder, when used with mascara, adds a natural shine to your lashes. Apply a single coat of mascara on your lashes. Coat the tips of your lash and softly roll it back. Sprinkle baby powder on top. Brush away the extra baby powder when dry. Your mascara line will turn white. Apply a second coat of mascara on top. This way, your lashes will appear thicker and homogenously textured.
  6. If your lashes are naturally thin, you can use fake extensions to create the look. First, measure your lashes (they must cover your entire eye) and trim it if necessary. Apply glue to the surface and ends of your lashes and place them over your lids. Use tweezers to put them in shape. Hold them down until they stick to your face.
  7. Using mascara along with eye liner is yet another way to achieve thick, long lashes. You can use a curler to put them in shape.

You definitely need to follow this guide for you to attain the glitzy, glamorous and thick eyelashes that every party girl should have!

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