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My First Eyelash Extensions Experience & How It Completely Transformed My Look

My First Eyelash Extensions Experience & How It Completely Transformed My Look

I widely consider myself as a bona fide beauty enthusiast. I’ve spent years of mastering the arts of beautifying my face with different gradient blends of eyeshadow and coats of lash-enhancing carbon black eyelash extensions. But life has changed, and these days I can even hardly make it out the house wearing just mascara due to my busy schedule.


Prior Doubts

I can still remember the time I first heard about eyelash extensions via Xlash Cosmetics. At first, I was all “meh, okay” because I wasn’t a fan of artificial quick fixes – as ironic as it sounds since I do wear makeup. But things changed when I finally tried them on. Although I am an avid mascara wearer during the early days, my natural lashes are already looking as thin and weak as ever, and I’m in dire need of help. So I finally decided to book a lash salon near my place. I was going to get lash extensions.

Before arriving at the salon, I had all these thoughts of doubt. What if all of this is not going to work? Am I just going to waste $100?  What if I’m just going to make a fool of myself? My thoughts were straightened-up once again when I finally arrived at the clinic.



I entered the salon, sat down and filled out a form that was asking some unusual questions like “Are you capable of lying still on a table for a full two hours?” “What side do you sleep on?” At this point, I was really nervous and concerned about what’s going to happen. But I kept my cool (yeah I was paranoid, but I didn’t want anyone to notice). I finished filling up the form by checking the applicable box lists, gave it back to the secretary and went inside the room where the operation will take place. I sat on a cushioned table and waited until the technician said: “Just relax and lie down.


Expectation Vs. Reality

I was hesitant at first, but I proceeded nonetheless. The operation commenced, and sooner or later, I found that the whole thing was a relaxing and enjoying experience. I told her that I want both volume and length for a fuller lash look. She gladly agreed, and things went on to be pretty well for me. I normally get annoyed when I get stuff on my face, but the whole experience was so relaxing that I didn’t even notice a thing. As I can recall, the lash technician began by placing cooling pads under my eyes. These pads work to expose my lashes fully while she works her magic.

After using a primer, she then used a hand fan to buzz and ensure that my lashes were dry before proceeding to the gluing process. The warm breeze was so satisfying that I found myself drenched in total relaxation.


Gluing Process & Agitation Feels

Okay, I might not have explained enough about this earlier, so I’m going to make it clear – yes, they do use glue. How else would they be able to attach artificial lashes to your real ones? It’s odd, I know, but it actually works. By using tweezers, each lash is dipped into a strong adhesive and then placed onto existing lashes, which are just millimeters away from the eyelid skin. They do this one at a time for each lash. So you can only imagine how tedious this process could be. With each eye having 80-150 upper lashes alone, it could take up to two hours to finish.

The technician assured me that they are highly trained and that they only use a minimal amount of glue. I’m also not supposed to feel the glue sticking to my upper eyelids, which was the case during the operation. It was a bit awkward at first having someone touch my face a lot of times, but I eventually got used to it and started falling asleep.

After just 30 minutes of multiple repetitions of applying glue, brushing, and fanning, I started feeling a bit uneasy. I never had this kind of discomfort in my eyes before. I was also feeling the way an average person feels after laying on a single spot without moving for a significant amount of time.


Post-Operation & Results

I have to admit that there will be times where you will feel antsy during the operation, but everything will be worth it once everything is done and the technician waves a mirror in front of you. The moment I opened my eyes, I was immediately satisfied with the results – it was more than what I expected. Unlike false eyelashes, I didn’t feel them that differently from my real lashes, and they really look so natural.

The technician gave some maintenance recommendations that I should strictly follow:

  • The extensions will last for a full two weeks.
  • Wait for one to two days before washing your face to allow the lash extensions to dry off and adhere fully.
  • Avoid using oil-based beauty products around the eyes. Oil can soften the glue, detaching the extensions.
  • Instead, use products with gentle ingredients (i.e., baby shampoo).
  • Pat your face with a towel after every shower.

I capitalized the last item because I am fond of rubbing my eyes. But aside from that, every other item on the list is doable, and I was able to maintain my lash extensions for the entire duration.



As for the whole experience, it was nothing short of impressive. I haven’t had the time to have lash extensions now, but if I do get the chance, I will do it again. It is debatable, however, when it comes to cost-effectiveness. But if the question is, will I be enjoying taking holiday pictures with my fabulous lashes? Then that’s an absolute YES.


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