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The Long Lash Look – How it went From Celebrity-Exclusive to Everyday Necessity

The Long Lash Look – How it went From Celebrity-Exclusive to Everyday Necessity

Back in 1911, Canadian-native Anna Taylor went to the U.S. to patent her invention: false lashes. When her application was approved and made official, eyelashes became available in the cosmetic market. The rest, afterwards, was history. I’d bet Taylor probably never predicted that her concept would eventually turn into a multi-million dollar industry in the future. Today, women are raving about the long-lash look brought by false lashes. With its growing trend, it will only continue to be like that for a long time. Let’s find out how long lashes became a thing.


The Growing Demand for Fake Lashes

Although some people still find it strange as to why others apply mascara or lash extensions, the pursuit of having long, gorgeous lashes is truly a serious business. As of the first half of last year, 2016, sales for false lashes have reached more than $113 million. This is according to media organization, National Public Radio (NPR). So with that number in mind, we’ve predicted that eyelash sales today might’ve already doubled that number.


The Early Days of False Lashes

The use of false lashes has already been a trend for celebrities dating back to the early 20th century. According to Cosmetics and Skin, legendary film director David Griffith and Hollywood makeup artist Maksymilian Faktorowicz were the ones who brought false lashes to the entertainment industry. Stars of the time like Bette Davis, Carol Channing, Joan Crawford, and Lauren Bacall were pioneer wearers of the product. Even 60’s model Lesley Lawson – widely known by her nickname Twiggy – was famous for wearing fake lashes during her shoots. According to Business Insider, she made false lashes so popular that about 20 million pairs were sold per year during that time.


How It Became an Everyday Routine

Getting false eyelashes to stick on top of your eyelid wasn’t that easy in the past. Before, people had to rely on makeup artists to help them, and it could take hours. The difficulty made false lashes exclusive to only film stars and models. It wasn’t so convenient for the ordinary woman as it could be a bit of work.

There was a lot to consider the glue, the lash strips, as well as figuring out how to get them on and off your eyelids. Fortunately for us, that all changed thanks to technology and innovation.

The common women of the past didn’t have the luxury of having the Internet to help them with false eyelashes. Nowadays, all it takes is to go to YouTube and type in ‘how to apply false lashes’, and the answer will be presented to you right away. No need to hire a makeup artist whatsoever. Last time I checked, there were about 151,000 different videos on YouTube that talks about how to apply false lashes, so you won’t be running out of options anytime soon. That, and technology, has helped bring the long-lash look from celebrity-exclusive to everyday life.


Alternatives to False Lashes

In addition, there are a lot more options that are much easier to use than false lashes that still feature the same results. The two conventional alternatives for false lashes are:


Lash Extensions. Commonly used to enhance the curliness, length, and overall fullness of natural eyelashes. The eyelash extension can be made of different synthetic materials. These include mink and real (or artificial) human hair. Keep in mind that false eyelashes and eyelash extensions are not the same – unlike false lashes that are of short-term use, extensions can last up to three weeks.


Mascaras. If you just prefer not wearing fake lashes, then you can opt for mascara instead. There’s quite a growing demand for mascara that gives the false lash look a run for its money. However there are mascaras out there that elicit that false-lash look, so if you want that look yet don’t want to commit to wearing false lashes, then you can look for that kind of mascara.



At the end of the day, the false-lash look has entirely changed throughout the years. It has gone through a transition period where it was once an exclusive accessory worn only by famous actresses and models to now being a common, everyday necessity for most women. The fake lash look gives the appearance of a more lengthening, more volume, and more depth look to your eyelashes. With this trend becoming more and more common, we can assume that we’ll be seeing more people –  man and woman –  wearing fake lashes in the future.

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