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The Four Important Essentials For False Eyelash Extensions

The Four Important Essentials For False Eyelash Extensions

Xlash Cosmetics is always looking to provide not only the best eyelash-enhancing products but also the best advice, eyelash-wise. In this article, we will focus on false eyelash extensions, precisely what are its most important essentials. Whatever you might be – whether you’re a certified beauty expert or just a false eyelash enthusiast, we ensure that our list caters to everyone’s needs, along with offering an impressive range of eyelash essentials.


4 Must-haves For Your Eyelash-enhancing Collection


Xlash Eyelash Products

Nurturing your eyelashes is one of the most fundamental steps for getting the most out of your false lash extensions. Applying fake lashes is great, but having naturally beautiful lashes will make it all worthwhile. At Xlash, we pride ourselves on our all-natural eyelash-enhancing products. Made of natural lash-enhancing ingredients, Xlash not only deliver instant results but will also nurture your lashes for the long-term. For that reason, we firmly consider our eyelash serums as one of the essentials when applying eyelash extensions. It truly enhances your lashes’ while also delivering that natural look and feel that you’ve always wanted.


Lash Applicator

Gone are the days of the traditional way of applying eyelash extensions. Goodbye, tweezers and hello lash applicator! The lash applicator is the latest and easiest way of applying false eyelash extensions. Unlike the classic tweezers, the lash applicator features curved tips that work to hold a false eyelash perfectly in place, which will allow you to position the eyelash against your natural eyelash line. You can then work to squeeze your fake lashes into place, naturally blending them with your own eyelashes for an all-natural unnoticeable finish after application. We recommend you use the Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator for a guaranteed fool-proof, accurate application for your personal choice of fake eyelash extension.



Of course, false eyelash application cannot be complete without adhesives – lots and lots of adhesives. It might seem simple and easy when you think about it, but selecting a glue that will suit your need can be difficult and overwhelming when there are so many options available in the market. However, the technique to overcome this struggle is to think about your needs when applying for your eyelash extensions.


Extra Lash Strips

Last but definitely not the least is the need for a selection of false eyelash extensions to ensure you will never run out whenever a special occasion comes around the corner. Lash multipacks are always a great option if you’re looking to save money. We recommend the Ardell Lash Multipack Individual Lashes. It’s a huge favorite among lash lovers for its versatile design that complements a variety of different eye shapes and sizes. Other brands would include Beautique, Lilly Lashes, or House of Lashes.


Have Your Own List?

Everyone has their own preference for lash essentials that they lean on to when enhancing their eyelashes. These four are our personal favorites as they are primarily what any lash-enhancing enthusiast would want to have at all times. There are different other eyelash products out there, which would make things confusing, especially for fake eyelash beginners. Consider our list as a guide to help you get your false lashes in place the right way.


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