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How to Apply Mascara the Right Way – Best Tips For Starters

How to Apply Mascara the Right Way – Best Tips For Starters

If you lack the knowledge of applying your mascara, you are keeping yourself from getting those gorgeous-looking lashes that you desire the most. This goes to all the women out there who have no clue with mascara application. To help you out, here are five steps to proper mascara application, along with other valuable tips that you should consider.


Step #1: Do Not Try Test Mascaras

First things first, do not test mascaras at retail stores. You might have noticed that some cosmetics stores have test mascara bottles available. For hygiene and eye safety purposes, we highly recommend that you avoid testing as it might cause irritation or damage to your lashes. Keep in mind that you have to be 100% sure that the product is safe before trying it on. Testing it directly on your lashes is a “newb move” and will result in several complications.

You can get a list of the best brands straight from the internet. They come with product reviews as well as the ingredients. These details are important for your decision-making, as it will determine if whether or not the product is suitable for you. Observe caution and do your research first so you won’t have to risk damaging your lashes just to know if a product is right for you or not.


Step #2: Choose Simple Mascara Colors

Second, you should keep in mind that mascara application is all about definition, so make sure you choose the right mascara color for the occasion. If you are using your mascara for casual or formal events, we recommend you use only black or brown mascara colors. Other than that, you can choose any mascara color of your liking, though it doesn’t really make a whole lot of difference. Also, unnatural colors don’t really look attractive, so it’s best to just choose simple black/brown colors instead of complicating things to the extreme.


Step #3: Apply Mascara At the Very Last

The third step on your mascara application journey will focus on helping you avoid smearing and flaking. To do that, you should apply mascara at the very last. Applying your mascara at the very end will help you avoid overdoing coats over and over. Do your eyeshadows and eyeliners first before finally applying your mascara as the final touch of your masterpiece.

BONUS: Don’t clean any smudge until that mascara dries completely. Once your mascara is all dried up, clean it using a cotton swab. If there’s anything that was swiped away after you wiped, just reapply your makeup.


Step #4: Have An Old Mascara Ready

Always have an old-yet-clean mascara handy. It will serve to clean excess products in a single go. This wand can also help separate your lashes. Just make sure to wash it thoroughly after a few uses. Otherwise, you’ll see a buildup of mascara on your wand.


Step #5: Apply Mascara In Layers

Finally, once everything on the previous steps has been done, you can now start applying your mascara. Always apply your mascara in layers — two coats on each eye. Once both eyes have two coats of mascara, repeat for a final touch. Keep in mind that each layer should be made with a very thin coat of mascara. The result should not be spiky with lashes all clumped up. Instead, it should look naturally thick and shiny.



Proper mascara application is not rocket science at all. It takes a lot of considerations, though. You need first to fulfill these conditions first before you can properly apply the mascara. Just remember that the end goal is thick and natural eyelashes. If your result is not that, then go back and repeat the steps that were just mentioned.


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