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5 Things You Should Know First Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

5 Things You Should Know First Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Getting eyelash extensions for the very first time can be quite overwhelming. Most of the time, wearing lash extensions, otherwise known as semi-permanent eyelashes, would give more emphasis on your eyelashes and make them stand out more on your photos. Most would even argue that lash extension brings out a far more natural look than mascara. So ditch your mascara and go with far more natural-looking eyelash extensions.

Anyone can rock semi-permanent eyelashes and look good. However, don’t jump into the product just yet. For first-time users, it pays to know a little bit about what eyelashes extensions are before finally deciding that you need to have one. Wearing lash extension can become a habit, which can affect your time, health, and budget. So while most would often take for granted the use of semi-permanent lashes, it can be a life-changing product.

If you’re ready, then go for it. Otherwise, you need to do a little more research about lash extensions. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded out five of the most important things that you need to know before getting lash extensions:


1.)Lash Extensions Differ From Temporary Strip/Individual Lashes.

Unlike any other lash product out there, extensions are completely different. The application is done by hand one lash at a time on top of your real eyelashes. An eyelash technician usually administers the application. Generally, with proper care, these artificial lashes can last for 6-8 weeks until they naturally fall out.


2.) Eyelash Extensions Come In Various Sizes

Finally deciding to get eyelash extensions isn’t as simple as it may seem – you have to go through a lot of decision-making. Once you’ve decided to go for lash extensions, the very first thing that comes to your mind is choosing the quality of eyelash material you will be using. There are a lot of options you can choose from, but the most common are mink and silk. Mink is usually softer, more expensive, and looks more natural. Some synthetic materials, on the other hand, are a lot more customizable, can look very natural, yet ending up costing more than mink.

The next on the list is density – how thick would you want your lashes to look? Keep in mind that the more lashes, the fuller it will look. The final two would be how much curl you want your lashes to have, and of course, the length of your lashes. All of them are a matter of preference, but it’s always handy to be aware of these decisions that you’re going to make.


3.)Longer Extensions Requires the Need for More Lashes

Some of you might want to choose long eyelash extensions. While there isn’t anything wrong with it, having really long lashes can look like it’s spreading out as they extend outward from your eyelid. So if you aren’t aware, having really long eyelashes can make it look less than your natural eyelashes. So you would end up buying more lashes just to make it look fuller, compared to slightly shorter versions where you would only have to purchase a few. Keep in mind that when it comes to eyelash extensions, you are most likely going to be paying for both the service and for each lash attached to your eyelid. That means the more lashes, the more expensive it’s going to be.


4.) Laying Low for 12 Hours (At Least) After Application.

Once the application is complete, technicians would then tell you to avoid sweating, crying, swimming, or washing for at least 12 full hours to let the adhesive dry and stick completely. When the glue doesn’t dry, it can potentially dissolve and enter your eyes. It can also tend to vaporize due to your body’s temperature, removing the extension entirely. These cases can cause eye redness or irritation, both of which are uncomfortable and unattractive.


5.) Extensions Take Time, Effort, And Money (a lot of it).

While extensions are better than mascara in giving you that naturally full eyelash effect, be aware that extensions aren’t any cheap cosmetic that you can use on a daily basis. In the Big Apple, the most basic set of eyelash extensions (usually 70 to 80 lashes) can set you back for at least $100. However, it can go up to $400 when you consider the services of the experienced technician. The entire application can also take up to two hours to complete. So if you’re not swimming in cash or have all the time of your life, it would be hard to maintain having extensions.


The More You Know.

With these five truths about eyelash extensions, you’ll be able to decide if having them are for you or not. Although it can make your eyelashes look fuller and more vibrant, extensions is a pretty luxurious accessory to wear and maintain. It’s also not advisable to wear extensions most of the time, as it can potentially cause irritation and other complication in your eyes. So it pays to know a little bit about the product before you decide to make your purchase.


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