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How To Get The Most Flattering Lash Shape for Your Eyes

How To Get The Most Flattering Lash Shape for Your Eyes
Caroline Jonsson

False lashes can be difficult to apply and harmful to your natural lashes. The obvious downside is losing your lashes due to damage caused by the glue. Thankfully there are techniques you can use to design your lashes in a number of flattering shapes.

Round eyes

If you have rounded eyes, go for cat eye styled lashes. Get this look by using a transparent powder on the lashes near the outer corners of your eyes. This will add thickness and volume to the outer lashes, accentuating the cat eye.

Apply mascara as you normally would to your top lashes with a special focus on those cat eye corners. Women with round eyes will fair best using an eyelash curler with roundness to it.

Hooded eyes

With hooded eyes, you want to focus on lengthening the lashes in the center of the eye. This will help create depth and the appearance of long lashes. When using Xlash, you can put a special focus on applying eyelash serum to the central lashes.

Emphasizing the lashes in the center of your eye will make them more noticeable and less hidden. This is a great way to enhance the way your lashes are accentuated.

Almond eyes

Almond shaped eyes look beautiful when framed by many different styles of lashes. You can easily get an attractive look with many different styles of lashes with this eye shape.

To highlight your almond shaped eyes, begin at the root and “walk” the eyelash curler out to the tips of your lashes, curling three times.


Women with monolids achieve luscious looks with long and fully volumized lashes. If your lashes are short, you can lengthen them using an all natural lash growth serum.

To go from long and straight to curved lashes, use an eyelash curler that is flat or straight as opposed to the traditional curved. You’ll find that a flat eyelash curler anatomically fits the eye better, making it easier to curl lashes on monolids.

Large eyes

You can do a lot with a large set of gorgeous eyes. You’ll find it to your benefit to get an eyelash curler that’s flat and long, making it easier to curl all of your lashes at once.

Play up your lower lashes to fill out the frame of your eyes. Do this by highlighting the outer corners of your lower lashes using Xlash and mascara.

Small eyes

It’s easy to make small eyes appear larger by lengthening or giving the appearance of length on certain lashes. Use lash serum to focus on growing the middle and outer lashes. If you apply mascara, concentrate the product in the middle of the lash and outer corners.

You can also use a thin blue or white liner along the bottom lash to make the eyes pop and appear more open. Using thick eyeliner on small eyes will only make them appear smaller.

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