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How to get captivating eyelashes in 5 simple steps

How to get captivating eyelashes in 5 simple steps
Elin H

Eyes are the most beautiful part of your body that can reflect your inner feelings. Many people ask why one should wear mascara. The main reason is because thick, long eyelashes lined with mascara and coated in beautiful hues can make your eyes appear bigger, bolder and more impressive.

Since eyes are the most pampered region in your body, here are 5 handy tips for thick, long eyelashes that you can try.

Get captivating eyelashes in 5 simple steps

  1. Pour a few drops of petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil in your palm. Massage it along your lashes and eye lids lightly, in gentle and circular motion. Continue massaging up to 5 minutes. Do this twice a day. Regular massaging improves blood circulation and prevents thinning/breakage of lashes.
  2. Using hair growth agents like Aloe Vera on your eyes. Apply freshly squeezed Aloe Vera gel on your eyes using a clean mascara wand before you go to bed. Leave it overnight. Wash it off the next morning. You can add Jajoba oil to get best results. Both Aloe Vera and Jajoba can promote follicle growth.
  3. Use lemon peels to add volume to your eyes. Soak a tablespoon of moderately dried lemon peels in olive oil for a week. After a while, the oil is enriched with the nutrients present in lemon. Using a mascara wand, apply the oil on your lashes at night. Wash it off with warm water the next day.

Since home remedies take a long time to produce positive results, you can try cosmetic products if you are running out of time.

  1. The lash-boosting serum is what we call a handy and cheap trick. Being lightweight, eye serums are worn under makeup. Xlash Eyelash serum is a nice, effective product for use that only costs less than $60. You just need to apply it on your eye lids and you’ll be able to get thick eyelashes in a wink!
  2. Use a mascara to highlight your eyes. Light, waterproof mascara can make your eyelashes thick and beautiful. Try Xlash mascara for a change. It’s so light that you wouldn’t even feel it.

Get Perfect Eyelashes for Different Types of Eyes

  • If you have round eyes, you can apply ‘cat eyed mascara’ for a graceful look.
  • Folks with hooded (folded) eye lids need to highlight the middle lashes for a bolder appearance.
  • If you have almond shaped eyes, you need to highlight the tip of your lashes. Apply the mascara on your lids, starting from the roots and move to the tips.

Follow the guide so that you can get captivating eyelashes in 5 simple steps. Make sure to always remember these tips, especially when you will you go out for a date!

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