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Are Your Eyelashes Falling Out Like Crazy? Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Are Your Eyelashes Falling Out Like Crazy? Here Are 5 Reasons Why

There’s a saying that whenever you lose an eyelash, you should make a wish and blow it away and that with will come true. If that’s the case, then I would wish that my eyelashes would just stop falling out. While losing an eyelash or two every once in awhile is a normal thing, it can get pretty alarming once you see your eyelashes falling out every single day. If you are currently experiencing this problem, you should start figuring out what’s causing this before you end up with no lashes at all.

As what we’ve discussed in our previous articles, the eyelashes, undergoes a three-stage growth cycle, along with a natural rate of shedding. So, losing 1-2 eyelashes a day is pretty average. Losing a bunch a day, on the other hand, is a clear indication that you are having problems with your lashes. Also, it typically takes about three months for each eyelash to grow back. So it’s definitely going to be a problem if you lose a lot of lashes all at the same time.

For your convenience, we’ve also done some research and rounded up five of the most common causes of eyelash hair loss. So if you’re currently having either of these habits, it’s best that you stop now to salvage your lashes. Here are five beauty habits that are causing your lashes to fall out.


1.) Rubbing Too Hard When Removing Makeup

Mascara is arguably the hardest makeup to remove, especially if you’re only using a facial wash. Just take a look at your smudged-up towels – it’s a nightmare, to say the least. Not only will it irritate your eyes, but rubbing too hard will traumatize your eyelashes, resulting in them eventually falling out. Instead of plain facial wash, use an oil-based makeup remover to get rid of makeup around your eyelids effectively. Soak a cotton ball on the oil-based makeup remover and hold it against the lids for just a few seconds to loosen the product. Do this, and you won’t have to work as hard on removing those annoying mascara.


2.) Sleeping With Mascara On

You’re probably aware of how wearing makeup to bed is a no-no, as it is going to be bad for your skin. The same goes for sleeping in your mascara, as it can be problematic for your eyelashes. Most experts compare it to sleeping while wearing hairspray. Sleeping with a thick coating on your eyelashes will make them prone to damage, as the drying out of the solution will eventually cause the lashes to snap and fall out. In addition, the friction happening when you rub your eyes on your pillow can cause eyelash breakage. So before you go to bed, make sure you remove all of your makeup, including your mascara.


3.)Wrongly Removing Your False Eyelashes or Lash Extensions

Wearing false lashes is excellent as it can drastically change your entire look by enhancing your stubby eyelashes. However, if you have the habit of removing your false eyelashes without using any makeup remover, it could potentially cause some severe damage to your natural-looking eyelashes. To avoid this from happening, always make sure that you use an oil-based cleanser to loosen the adhesive at the lash line. It will make pulling your artificial eyelashes a lot easier. Just make sure to use a Q-tip to make the entire process a lot simpler.


4.)Only Using Waterproof Mascara.

Though waterproof mascara is a convenient cosmetic to have your roster of beauty products and accessories, it’s not ideal to use it all the time. Although the ingredients used on this type of mascara can make it last longer, it can also dry out your lashes, making them brittle and prone to breakage. To top it off, it’s also pretty hard and irritating to remove. Just reread number one.


5.)Being A Dedicated Eyelash Curler.

Continually using eyelash curler puts unwanted traction on the hairs and can potentially pull strands out. Most mistakes people do that can worsen the situation is curling your hair after placing mascara. Always remember to curl your hair first before putting on any eyelash product. You can also use blow-drying as an alternative to pressing your eyelash curler hard or clamp down multiple times. Another warning would be first to check the temperature of your curler using your hand. Burning off your eyelashes is not going to be a good thing.



Always keep in mind of these five beauty habits. If you are currently doing either one of them, it would be best for you and for your eyelashes to stop and think about a safer alternative. This would serve as a heads up for everyone who still has no idea why their eyelashes are falling off for no reason.


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