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Magnetic False Eyelashes Are Now A Thing – But Does It Really Work?

Magnetic False Eyelashes Are Now A Thing – But Does It Really Work?

The false lash look is one of the most popular beauty trends of the past and current generation. Majority of women are just obsessed with having thick-looking eyelashes, even though it’s obviously a fake. However, not everyone is prominent with using the product. Some even struggle to keep these strips of eyelashes on for extended periods. If you are currently in this scenario, yet you still want to rock the false lash look, you’ll be delighted to know that there’s an alternative. It won’t require you to use an adhesive to keep it sticking to your eyelids. Magnetic false eyelashes have been a viral topic on social media all year round. It’s an innovation that gives false eyelashes a run for its money.


Introducing Magnetic Lashes!

Magnetic eyelashes were exclusively available in the U.S. But to everyone’s delight, it has now gone global, sold in different places around the world, including the U.K. and some parts in Asia. The concept of the entire product is just pure genius, to say the least. To describe it simply, it’s a false eyelash, minus the adhesives. Instead, you can attach it to your own eyelashes by pairing it with its magnetic partner without much hassle.


Official Price & Key Features

Ordering from official magnetic eyelash brands like One Two Lash, Ardell Magnetic Lashes, or Lash FX will set you back for $25.38. The product features two fake lashes for each eye, along with a magnet attached at the center. Wearing these false lashes will only require you to place them over your real lashes and position its magnetic pair underneath. The two magnetic pair will automatically stick together and presto! You’re all done.

No glue is needed, and you can now say goodbye to risks like your false lashes falling off during the night. Some brands offer these lashes in different styles, all named after famous supermodels. Unlike traditional fake eyelash strips, magnetic eyelashes are reusable. Its package also comes with a case for safe storage. So while the product is a lot more expensive than regular glue-dependent versions, they’ll work out cheaper in the long run.


Application Struggles & Mastery

According to Lash FX, application is super easy; however, it will take some getting used to, as well as a certain period to master on your own. The truth is magnetic eyelashes are still pretty complicated to wear. But when you get it right and learn the application process, they will look impressively stunning, and you will definitely feel great about yourself for pulling it off. However, similar to applying fake lashes for the first time, be ready to face a handful of frustration when you won’t get it at the right position, or when it refuses to stick close to your eyelash line. Another worst case scenario is when a lash plops out before you even get to clipping it to its magnetic partner.


Tips To Get It Right

Yes, you are definitely going to start cursing in disappointment, but we can assure that you will still want to try and master magnetic eyelashes because they are such an amazing and convenient idea. Here are some useful tips that you can use to get it right:

1: Classify your eyelashes into magnetic pairings and determine out how they precisely clip together.

2: Carefully Bend the magnetic lashes and make them slightly more curved, enabling them to fit perfectly onto your lash line.

3: Application always starts with the top eyelash first. Look downwards and carefully place the magnetic lash near your lash line. Since they’re only half lashes, work to put them on the outer portion of your eyes.

4: Get the lower lash, and while looking up, maneuver it into place. Move the partner eyelash into a vertical position.

5: We found out that a little touch of mascara can help the magnetic eyelashes blend naturally into your real lashes. The effect will look best when combined with a thin dark eye makeup, as it works to disguise the attachment of the lash with its magnetic pair.



At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that – if availability is out of the equation – magnetic eyelash will make traditional eyelashes irrelevant in the near future. Unfortunately, magnetic lashes are currently available on selected brands and retailers, and shipping for the product can take a month or two. With that being the case, people will still turn to tradition false lashes simple for its accessibility. But there’s no doubt that false eyelashes are on a roll as of late, and if it continues, we’re going to be seeing a lot more people wearing it next year and in the following years to come. It’s indeed a convenient product, and we have high hopes that it will one day explode into the cosmetics scene and become a household product for quick eyelash enhancement.


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