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How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Fake Eyelash Collection

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Fake Eyelash Collection

You should keep your false eyelashes clean before and after use. Sure — the addition of yet another set of steps into your beauty regimen can feel like loads of work, but you will definitely feel happy about yourself when you learn that your eyelash stash is going to last for months if you regularly clean them.


It’s a fact — keeping your favorite false eyelashes clean and well-sanitized can extend its lifespan, letting you wear them as much as you can. They will also look good as new every time you put them on. Mascara and lash adhesives are the main culprits that can dry out your real eyelashes, weakening artificial lash fibers and rendering them unusable. Let’s also not forget to mention that worn eyelashes are carriers of germs and bacteria that can be harmful to both your eyes and eyelashes. This is the reason why most dermatologists recommend not to use false eyelashes more than once. However, this belief is actually not the case. You can use fake lashes multiple times if you clean them thoroughly after every use. You also need to consider proper removal to preserve the appearance of your false lash before cleaning.  


Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Your False Lashes

Here are a few useful ways on how to properly clean your fake eyelashes.They are quick and easy to execute, and you won’t have to use any hard-to-find material to get it done. You can thank us later for sharing this with you.


Peel The Glue Away

If you want to retain your false eyelashes, you need to remove the adhesive first properly. A build-up of glue can result in warping of your false lashes, which would cause them to weaken and look uneven. Also, a build-up of glue in your eyelashes can become a bacteria trap. To remove the glue, use tweezers to carefully peel away bits on the back of your eyelashes without the risk of tearing out any lash hair.


Rinse Your Lashes In Warm Water

Get a container (make sure it’s clean) and fill it with a small amount of warm water. Drop your false lashes in for 30 seconds to loosen any makeup residue (mascara, eyeshadow, etc.). Warm water is ideal for removing stubborn and dried-up makeup. Keep in mind, however, that this is only ideal for artificial lash fibers. Using this method on your real lashes can permanently damage and lose their curl due to the heat.


Sanitize & Always Wipe Downwards

Use rubbing alcohol to sanitize your artificial eyelashes. For your real eyelash hair, wash it with a mild water-based makeup remover to avoid drying out the fibers. When wiping your false lashes, always start from the base to the tip to effectively sweep away pre-loosened makeup.


Exercise Caution With Fancy Lash Sets

Similar to dry cleaning being exclusive to clothing alone, there will be certain fake lashes that will require special care. Soaking or wiping down eyelashes that contain fragile decorations like feathers, rhinestone, or glitters is not going to bode well for you and your false lashes. Instead, remove the glue and spot clean using a cotton swab soaked in sanitizer will do the trick and keep the decorations together. Doing so will grant you more wear time for your favorite glamorous false eyelash set.



There will really be no excuse for you not to try and follow these quick and easy tips. Each tip is super effective in keeping your false eyelashes usable for months, saving you money along the way. Make it a habit of preserving your false lashes and create a lash collection of your own.


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