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Your Eyelashes As You Age – Does It Affect Natural Eyelash Growth?

Your Eyelashes As You Age – Does It Affect Natural Eyelash Growth?

As a woman, your eyelashes mean everything to you; which is why it’s crucial that you take good care of it as your age progresses. However, aside from maintaining its constant growth, eyelash care is also about knowing what exactly happens to them as you age. If you’re curious about what happens to your precious lashes as you grow older, this article will answer your question.


Your Eyelashes as You Age

Probably the bigger question that relates to the topic is “do my eyelashes grow thin as I age?” As a cosmetics company specializing in eyelash beautification and nourishment, we are fully aware of every aspect that happens to your eyelashes. As much as we want to tell you that you eyelashes will remain the same as you age, that is not realistic, and you deserve to know the truth: your eyelashes will grow thin as you age.

Truth be told, your eyelashes will grow thin when you grow older as it is also part of the aging process. So if you’re wondering why your eyelashes don’t look the same way it was five years ago, don’t stress about it. Most of the time there’s really no reason to panic since it’s a natural process that everyone goes through. However, we also recommend you sharing your concerns with your personal health care provider.


Stages of Eyelash Growth

As you age, your eyelashes will grow slower and shorter by the day. Aside from eyelash thickness, your eyelash growth will also be affected by your aging process. Keep in mind that the growth of your eyelashes has four main stages. These are growth, resting, shedding, and regrowth. Usually, your eyelashes continuously go through this four-stage cycle. What’s worse is that our eyelash follicles – the small pores in the skin close to our eyes where eyelashes grow – can potentially slow down or even stop producing new lashes completely.


Other Factors of Problematic Lashes

Now that we’ve set aging aside, it’s also good to know that there are different reasons why we might not get enough lashes as we age. These include the following:


Frequent rubbing on the eye section.

This affects both the eye and eyelashes. Rubbing your eyes too hard will cause skin damage and eventually eyelash hair fall.



Sometimes it’s just simply in the genes. If your family has a history of losing eyelashes, then you will most likely inherit that unfortunate fate.


Medical conditions

If you happen to be a sickly person, then expect your eyelashes to be thinner and grow slower as your immune system prevents it from growing fresh new ones.


Selected Medications and treatments

Sometimes the things that help us get better are also the ones that make our eyelashes look depressing. There are different medications and treatments that – when not done right – will affect the health of our eyelashes.

Always talk with your healthcare provider about your eyelash concerns. They are more than capable of helping you get to the root of the problem.


How to Treat and Counter Eyelash loss.

Now that you’re aware of all these issues surrounding your eyelashes, the question will now shift towards “is there anything I can do about it?” Fortunately, you can combat the shortening of your eyelashes with some helpful medications and preventions. There are available options that help revitalize your eyelashes and give it a longer and fuller look. A lot of them are temporary, short-term fixes, but they can help boost your confidence again and make you feel better about your appearance. In addition to protecting your eyes from debris, wind, and sunlight, long and thick eyelashes have always been a sign of beauty, youth, and elegance.


Some of the quick remedies for eyelash loss include the following:



When lashes start to grow thin and short, a lot of women turn to using makeup to cover it up. The obvious form of makeup they use is eyelash extending and thickening mascara. Keep in mind that your mascara needs to be replaced every three months to avoid infection.


Eyelash Serums.

If you want to grow your eyelashes back instead of using extenders, an eyelash serum can do the trick. Be careful when choosing your eyelash serums, though, as some brands may contain toxic chemicals that can harm your eyes. Brands like Xlash, on the other hand, are made of all-natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that naturally enhance your lashes. When going for this path, make sure you use eyelash serums that contain all-natural ingredients to avoid irritation and complications.


Fake eyelashes.

If all else fails, go for false eyelashes. These come in long strips of artificial eyelashes that are placed on the eyelid section. Though it gives visibly long lashes, it has its fair share of side effects: it can cause trauma to your eyelashes, which then results in even thinner looking lashes. So if you plan on using fake eyelashes, be ready to use it more consistently.


Eyelash transplants.

Though not as common as the other options, eyelash transplant actually exists and is already a thing now.  This surgical procedure transfers eyelash scalp follicles onto your eyelid, helping you grow freshly new eyelashes. However, this method is strictly for extreme cases only.


Consult your Dermatologist.

Probably the best option you can do before taking action to your thinning eyelashes is talking to your dermatologist to know which treatment will be right for you. It’s better to consult an expert than jumping right into conclusion and regretting it completely.



Always remember that the thinning and shortening of your eyelashes is just part of your aging process. It doesn’t mean anything other than you growing old and maturing. If you are genuinely concerned about the state of your lashes, then I recommend you try the eyelash remedies listed above. But again, always consider talking to your healthcare provider to help you with your decision, along with weighing the positives and negatives of all the options above.

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