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Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally With These 6 Remedies

Make Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally With These 6 Remedies

As we probably already know by now, your eyelashes are following a 3-phase growth cycle, which is a standard among all types of hair all over the body. If your eyelashes involuntarily fall out or get damaged by plucking, mascara use, or hair dyeing, you’ll have to wait for them to regrow. While genetics do play a huge role in the health and overall length of your eyelashes, there are various natural ways to make your eyelashes grow back. Here are six remedies to help improve your eyelashes naturally.



Antioxidants play a huge role in hair growth and development. Among them, vitamins C and E are known antioxidants for treating your hair and promoting growth and strength. Vitamin C blocks damages to hair brought by free radicals, letting it stay healthier and reinforces healing and repair. On the other end, its partner – Vitamin E – improves scalp circulation for an overall healthy scalp. These vitamins are commonly found in citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables.



As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat.” Eat unhealthily, and you’ll end up with brittle and weak eyelashes no matter what treatment you apply. But if you eat a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in protein and vitamins will help nourish your eyelashes and promote eyelash hair growth. Foods that help your eyelash grow healthy and long would include fish, beans, eggs, and yogurt. In addition, soy protein is also beneficial for stimulating eyelash growth.



Biotin has been known as a vitamin for faster hair growth. It’s among the vitamin B-complex family that is known for strengthening hair. It is no doubt why biotin is commonly found as one of the ingredients in numerous hair products and certain foods. This vitamin is water-soluble and is commonly found in foods such as almonds, bananas, sardines, eggs, pecans, yeast, and whole grains. A special mention goes to eggs; although egg yolks contain biotin, raw egg whites contain a substance called Avidin, a protein that prevents vitamin H absorption.


Olive Oil

If you are an avid lash extension or mascara wearer, then any type of oil will not be ideal for you. But if you want to grow eyelashes naturally, then you need to keep using olive oil. Just dab a small amount on your eyelids, at the very base of your eyelashes every night to encourage longer and thicker eyelashes. Regular application should reward you with visible signs of new hair growth after just a month or two. Also, the new lash will be a lot healthier and stronger than the previous ones. Olive oil also acts as a natural type of condition to help improve the overall health of your eyelashes. If you don’t have olive oil at home, castor oil can be a good alternative.


Emu Oil

Similar to Olive and Castor Oils, emu oil help condition your eyelashes and stimulates the growth of long, thick and healthy eyelashes. To apply, use a small cotton ball or q-tip to dab a small amount of emu oil onto your lashes. The oil will help condition the hair and encourage new hair growth.



Vaseline pretty much works the same way as castor oil and olive oil. Just dab a bit of Vaseline on the base of your eyelashes before going to bed. You can either wash it off after 15 minutes or leave it on overnight. Regular application will reward you with new and healthy hair growth after just a few weeks.




Your eyelashes aren’t going to grow if you leave it on its own. It needs proper nourishment and care from you. Take good care of your lashes by going natural and applying the ones mentioned above. These remedies will ensure that you will grow naturally long, strong, and healthy eyelashes.


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