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15 Mascara Tips and Tricks For Stunning Eyelashes

15 Mascara Tips and Tricks For Stunning Eyelashes

Most of us are not conceived with long, thick and voluminous eyelashes, but don’t let that be the reason for you not to try at all on getting the lashes that you want. You can get killer lashes with just a few simple yet effective tricks. We’ve gathered 15 of the best mascara tips and tricks. These tricks will help you with your quest for achieving that lusciously long and thick eyelash look without having to pay a considerable amount for pricey mascaras.


15 Tips and Tricks for Using Mascara


Tip #1

Having problems with hardened mascara? Loosen them by submerging the mascara tube in a small glass of hot water for one to two minutes. The solidified serum will liquidize, enabling you to reach it using the mascara wand.


Tip #2

For a better way of controlling and applying mascara on your eyelashes, slightly bend the wand into a curved shape.


Tip #3

We’ve all gone through the burden of having mascara smudged on our perfect eyes shadow. Avoid making this mistake again by doing this: place a business card (or any type of small and bendable card) behind your eyelashes. It will work to protect your eyelids while you apply your mascara. For an additional pro tip, cut the card into a curve to make it easier for you.


Tip #4

Sticking to tip #3, you can also use an old spoon for this trick. Use it while the bowl is facing downwards for your upper lashes. Position the spoon bowl-side up when you are working on the lower lashes.


Tip #5

Who knew that you could fix and correct clumped-up mascara with just a two to three drops of Visine eye dropper?


Tip #6

To get some serious volume on your eyelashes, apply a thin coat of mascara, apply baby powder over your eyelashes using a q-tip, and then add another layer. I never thought that it would work at first, but it did, and it’s great.


Tip #7

Having trouble with removing waterproof mascara? Easy! Just use witch hazel toner and coconut oil. The serum is gentle on your eyes, and it gets the job done.


Tip #8

Mascara is a good alternative for eyeliners. Simply use a makeup brush and apply it on your lash line. For the best results, use creamy mascaras.


Tip #9

To fix clumped-up mascara, use a clean toothbrush. Also, a toothbrush can be a pretty good beauty tool. It’s convenient to have a few ones handy.


Tip #10

To give your lash curler an extra boost when curling your lashes, heat them up first before using.


Tip #11

Speaking of eyelash curling, do it while you are also applying your first coat of mascara.


Tip #12

Apply Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly to grow long and thick eyelashes. Use an old mascara wand.


Tip #13

You can actually make your very own homemade mascara! Just look it up on the internet. You can add a few drops of essential oils to moisturize your lashes for a richer and fuller effect. It will also smell great, too!


Tip #14

Want to have thicker-looking eyelashes? Never forget to coat the back of your eyelashes with mascara as well. Only a few do this, but it makes all the difference, and your eyelashes will stand out among the others.


Tip #15

Finally, once you are through with your mascara application, clean your mascara wand thoroughly. Using an unwashed brush can potentially cause eye irritation and infection. It is also the reason why you have clumpy mascaras, so it really makes sense to clean it before and after using.



If you are tired of having bad-looking mascaras, then follow these easy tricks and start making a change. Not only will they give you thicker and richer-looking lashes, but they will also give you an idea of how to fully utilize your mascara to its maximum potential. Plus, it also offers some valuable tips that you should always keep in mind when using mascara.

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